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About us

Who We Are:

We are a Cape Town-based producer of Carbon C60 oil made using best-quality Carbon C60 procured from SES Research and locally-sourced oils.

How It's Made:

Ours is a metal-free process by which we begin with mixing Carbon 60 molecules with oil for 1 day. Thereafter, sonication is used to 'open' the oil and further dissolve the Carbon 60. The solution is then mixed for another 14 days to reach a higher saturation rate of approximately 0.8 mg per 1 ml (depending on the oil, as some oils show a higher ability to absorb a higher content of C60).

Next, the oil is vacuum filtered twice through a 1.0 and 0.22 micron porosity to remove aggregates and bacteria. Finally, the finished Carbon C60 oil is poured into Cobalt glass bottles to protect it from UV light.

What You Get:

A 100/200 ml bottle of VitaShell Carbon C60 infused into your oil of choice. If selected, one dropper (1-5 ml) to ensure accurate dosing (optional).